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A Basic Income for Everyone in the World


E-commerce Site for Print-On-Demand Posters

The Poster Co-Op

Website-Blocking Chrome Extension


Alternative UI for Finding Stanford Classes



Reflections on Learning 2,200 Kanji in Six Months | January 2019

Feels good man.

Tactics for Digital Wellbeing | December 2018

Tools and techniques I use to combat the addictiveness of digital content.

A Silk Road Eulogy | October 2013

Speech, drugs, and fear on the Silk Road.


Technology and Unemployment | Stanford Daily | November-January 2014

Technology and Unemployment

Technology and Unemployment, Part II: The Rising Tide

Technology and Unemployment, Part III: Abolishing the Work-to-Live Paradigm

Note: This series is based off an old paper of mine.

Entrepreneurship at Stanford | Stanford Daily | September 2013

The New Yorker, At It Again

Hack Me Once... | Stanford Daily | August 2013

About Time We Got Hacked


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